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Electronic Board Packets

Once can't escape a touch of guilt looking at precise stacked rows of cloned documents awaiting a board meeting. Knowing that so many trees were felled just to produce this pile of wasted paper full of words that most likely will never be read or see the light of day again.

Which brings to mind all those other issues with paper-based board packs:
  • Piles of paper
  • Hours of sorting
  • Typing and re-typing of contents
  • printing and then reprinting and then reprinting again
  • Files and Files full of paper
  • Hours trying to find reference to something in an archived pack
  • We are supposed to be environmentally friendly but are wasting reams of paper

 All of this and they are used only once.

We developed BoardCloud to make board pack preparation a breeze.

Who Needs BoardCloud?

Any company or organization that needs to streamline the compilation and distribution of documents prior to board meetings.

Want it? 

Contact Us, for a Demo or to discuss your requirements.

BoardCloud saved my life. This app is awesome. Thanks!

Syncrony Digital

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