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What is the Role of the Company Secretary?

Most countries have a companies act (or similar) that defines an official role for the company secretary. The role usually covers a number of areas, one of which is a practical requirement for administrational work such as producing board documents, recording voting outcomes and meeting minutes.

Another part of the role relates to the functioning of the company secretary in an advisory capacity with regard to duties of directors, obligations of the company and its directorate. This capacity must be supported by a complimentary knowledge of governance requirements relating to the calling and holding of board meetings.

There are countries where the company secretary role has been removed as a legal requirement for private companies. However, the role is still very much alive in most jurisdictions and is becoming more crucial in these times of virtual and hybrid board meetings.

Company Secretary is the Glue

In ways only matched by the Chairman of the Board, a knowledgeable company secretary will have a birds-eye-view of the company they work for. They are at the centre of creation and distribution of the board’s documentation, they prepare meeting agendas and have direct communication with members of the C-suite (Chairman, CEO, CFO etc.).

In these days of distancing and remote working, it can be said that the better a company secretary performs, there will she bind the leadership of the company together.

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