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Compiling Electronic Board Packs

Printed Board Books? Its the Digital age!  

Compiling paper based board-packs is tedious, extremely time consuming, expensive, not environmentally friendly and just managing the process can make you want to quit.

BoardCloud allows for the swift production of board packs of any size. BoardCloud’s board packs are made up of any number of merged PDF documents that are compiled into a final board ready document., without all the traditional headaches.

For the system librarian (admin) the task is made simple:

  • Browse and select the required documents
  • Select and order the documents (or specific pages from selected documents)
  • Create an index
  • Add a cover page
  • Optionally attach the meeting agenda

Its that simple! Learn more about how BoardCloud will help you compile board-packs in less than half the time, or click here to go straight to the features


BoardCloud saved my life. This app is awesome. Thanks!

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