About BoardCloud

BoardCloud is a premier board portal and board packet management platform.

It has been in use since 2016 and will be released as a complete rewrite in May 2021.

The new release builds on user feedback and experience as well as the latest, most secure Microsoft Core functionality. The new release also benefits from being a complete rewrite on the new Microsoft Dot Net Core Platform.

In this second phase of development BoardCloud offers a wider feature set (more here) as well as better intra-committee communications and most importantly new agenda builder functionality.

New Agenda Builder Supreme

We are somewhat proud of our new agenda builder!

In fact, we believe it is the most capable, user friendly and easy-to-use PDF document handler and board pack document builder in the world.

  • It absorbs Microsoft Office documents like Word, EXCEL and PowerPoint
  • It effortlessly deals with an array of image formats
  • It even digests ZIP files, which it explodes into a new meeting in seconds.

The heart of our agenda builder is the Compozr engine, gives company secretaries or admins access to a new level of PDF handling.

About Syncrony

Syncrony Digital was established in 1999. It has been in the business of software development and web technology since then.