Board Meeting Governance Software

Better Governance, better preparation, frictionless access for board members

In these days of remote working and remote board meetings, the necessity for better control of the processes around board meetings, which occur in three main areas:

  • board meeting preparation
  • facilitating processes during the meetings
  • post-meeting administration tasks

All the above impact in some way with corporate governance related to governing the activities related to good governance for board meetings. These issues are at play for both commercial enterprises and non-profit companies.

BoardCloud can meaningfully improve the governance around any board or committee that uses it to manage board meetings.

Facilitated Board Pack Preparation

Improving and simplifying the process of board pack production using board meeting management software with facilitated preparation procedure will lead to major improvements in board meeting governance.

Even with new electronic methods, the production of board papers is a skilled, high-pressure job. Secretaries tasked with building these document collections are often faced with a stream of source documents, arriving unscheduled from disparate sources and in multiple formats. In addition, for the need to curate, collate and compile this stream of information, secretaries have to deal with document updates and other changes at the same time.

  • Content added to each board pack is tracked sequentially as it is added
  • Documents added/edited or replaced in the packs are logged by the built-in audit trail processes
  • All secretarial user actions are tracked and logged by user, by date and time and by action
  • Board Pack distribution is logged and tracked by date and time of distribution and by recipients
  • Committee member access to board pack releases are tracked and logged
  • Updates published for already released packs are instantly available to board members, who are notified as release updates occur

Easy Access to Information

The system empowers board members with frictionless and secure access to sensitive company documents.

All released board packs are available to board members in their app.

They can browse past releases or search for items from a unified easy-to-master interface.


The board management system apples a layer of accountability that spans all actions and responses related to use of the system.

  • Preparation processes
  • Distribution dates, times
  • Revision distribution
  • Pre-meeting engagement and preparation by individual committee members (such as reading the packs)
  • Meeting attendance
  • Votes and acceptances
  • Release of minutes and engagement with these documents

Secure Platform

Of crucial importance is that all documents and interactions by document preparers and board members.

The BoardCloud platform has multiple layers of security, which include:

  • Document encryption of all uploaded and published documents
  • Access control using latest Microsoft access patterns
  • Group privileges and rights settings that can be used to silo information to allow access by committee or by individual login
  • On-premise option, which allows you to host the system inside your company infrastructure