Board Pack Viewer Features

Editing and Annotating a Board Packet

Features of the BoardCloud PDF Viewer/Editor

Pack Editor with full navbar

Above is an image of the board pack viewer/editor with all functions visible on the main navigation bar.

The BoardCloud PDF viewer enables diligent directors to view and edit board cloud documents ahead of scheduled board meeting.

The viewer is fully responsive and will accommodate viewing across a range of viewing option from desktops to hand held devices. It works consistently across disparate devices, from desktops to mobile phones, as a browser based viewer or when surfaced in our IOS or Android app.

You can read more detailed information about the viewer by clicking on the links below.

Board Pack Viewer Functions

Although there are many functions available, the viewer can be used initially to review documents and then extra functions can be used as the need arises.

The built-in document viewer is a specialised PDF component designed to allow easy browsing or board documents.

It has many functions, which include various page navigation tools, zooming functions as well as normal text selection for copy and paste. There is also a comprehensive search function and options to download and print documents in part of as complete items.


Board Pack Edit Functions

There are many edit functions that can be used to manipulate the board documents. Some simple functions include various text editing or marking of existing text in a board packet.

Annotations can easily be made and drawing on the document is also supported. Signatures can be hand drawn or pasted from previously saved versions.