Web or App Based

BoardCloud offers browser based viewing or an app based option.

A key feature of BoardCloud is its web technology base. This means that from a board member's perspective, the system functions in the same way when used in a browser or via the app.

A similar user experience is presented for secretarial administrators when used to create agendas and distribute board packs.

Benefits For Board and Committee Members

Because it is web based, the system does not need to be installed by IT Staff before board members can use the system. This gets them working on board papers in a flash, with no install headaches and very little learning curve.

No App Loading Required

Recently, a new BoardCloud customer called our Service Desk to schedule a day when their board and committee members could travel to their head office to have the BoardCloud app loaded on their tablets.

She had already discussed plans to accommodate some distant committee members by having their tablets couriered in. Her plan was for all the units to arrive on the same day as our technician would be on site, in order to minimize disruptions and time wasting.

'No way!' she said, when our service operator explained that this whole process was unnecessary because board members would have instant access once they had successfully logged in to the board portal.