System Roles

BoardCloud Member Roles

BoardCloud makes use of a few named roles to implement security for meetings, committees and documents.

The base role in 'Member'.

As a user is created on the system, the user is granted the 'Member' role. A Member has access to all meetings that fall under committee(s) the member is assigned to.

NB: When creating users, there is no need to assign a standard member any additional roles.

Once a member is created he/she can be added to as many committees as required.

Admin Role: A member can be added to the Admin role, which will allow the member to work on meeting agendas.

To create a new member, click +Add at the top left of your screen and enter the basic details required (Name. Surname and Email).

Editor Role: Grant this role to a member who needs access to build and edit meetings. An Editor can edit any meetings that fall under committees he/she belongs to.