Code of Conduct for Virtual Board Meetings

Board meeting held virtually are a fairly new phenomenon.

In contrast, the comfortable discipline common to most face-to-face board meetings in our recent past, has been built on centuries of tradition.

As a result, most organisations are still forming rules around the conducting efficient virtual board meetings that meet governance requirements.

Here is a short checklist of rules that will in all probability form the core of the code of virtual board meeting conduct. Undoubtedly, each organisation will adjust these rules to suit their particular circumstances.

Code of Conduct for Directors at Virtual Meetings

  1. The Meeting Director (or Chairman) controls the meeting
  2. All members will comply immediately with all requests or instructions the Meeting Director makes
  3. All members will ensure that their video cameras are on at all times unless instructed otherwise by the Meeting Director
  4. Members will ensure that their microphones are muted at all times, unless when specifically directed to unmute by the Meeting Director
  5. Members will ‘raise a hand’ electronically when they have a reason to speak
  6. Members will wait until instructed to speak before unmuting their microphone to speak
  7. Members will clearly identify themselves by name before speaking
  8. Members will not engage in other work or tasks during the meeting, these forbidden activities include (but is not limited to):
    i. Reading or answering emails
    ii. Reading documents not related to the current meeting
    iii. Browsing or surfing the internet for any reason other than
    research related to the matter under discussion
  9. Members will not type or use their keyboard's unless specifically required to respond to a question from the Meeting Director or to make notes directly pertaining to the matter under discussion

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