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BoardCloud Board Meeting Software easy to use, easy on the budget. Fastest agenda builder. Unlimited users, unlimited training and support.

Active Agenda

Make Your Meetings a Shared Experience


Active Agenda benefits include:

  • Meetings open simultaneously for all attendees
  • Attendance register updates immediately
  • Votes open and results display in real-time
  • Document changes reflect for all members instantly
  • Agenda item notes update in real-time

Production experience since 2016

About BoardCloud

BoardCloud has been managing board meetings and publishing board packs with agendas since 2016. 

Our latest build, which was released in April 2021, is a complete rewrite on the most secure platform in the industry. 

Secure Board Portal

Easy-to-use Agenda Builder for building board packs

Built-in communications with committee members

Voting and acceptance system

Revision management

Secure document handling with AES encryption

Meeting analytics and attendance stats

Affordable Pricing Model

Try the full version for free for 1 month.

All versions offer unlimited users and committees. Cloud-hosted or on-premise.

Non-Profit Organisations receive a discount of 50% for all versions.

Board Portal Software FAQ

For a limited time, we offer a free fully-functional trial version for small businesses and non-profits. 

Standard and Enterprise editions come with an unlimited user license. 

BoardCloud comes in Cloud Hosted or On-Premises versions, charged monthly or annually. Click here for full pricing

BoardCloud White Paper

You might be wondering:

  • Are virtual board meetings legal?
  • Are resolutions and votes made at virtual meeting legally binding?

We've got the answers in our Virtual Board Meeting Governance White Paper.

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