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Affordable Board Meeting Software for NonProfits

Syncrony Digital supports the work of directors and staff who give of their time to guide and manage the operations of non-profit organisations.

We are offering any verified nonprofit company a full-featured BoardCloud 4.0 system for a reduced price.

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Non-Profit Board Governance Challenges

Nonprofit organizations need board meeting management and control as much as large commercial enterprises do. However, these concerns may fall by the wayside because of costs and time-constraints.

From secretarial volunteers with limited time, to widely dispersed, over-subscribed board members, many issues surround the control of legal and practical issues for non-profit boards.

The BoardCloud NonProfit Option

We have a solution for non-profits that are looking for a full functional board management solution.

We are offering discounted use of the unlimited cloud version of BoardCloud to selected not for profit organisations.

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