Guest Attendees

Inviting guests to a board meeting is a common occurrence for many boards.

In the days of in-person meetings, it was a straightforward process. Call and invite the guest, who would then arrive at the pre-arranged time and wait to be called into the meeting. Thereafter, the guest would leave when the next agenda item came up.

In the virtual world however, inviting guests to a board meeting becomes a potential security risk. Guest attendees have to be given restricted access to a confidential space, where many restricted items reside. Hence security is a major concern.

BoardCloud has addressed the issue of guest invites in the following way.

Inviting Guests

This is a simple process. The guest is invited from the meeting that he or she will be attending. After entry of the guest’s name and email address, an email invite is sent to the guest.

This invite contains a link which leads the guest to a password registration page where the guest will enter a password for access to BoardCloud and the meeting.

Guest Agenda Item Access

Once a guest has been invited, he/she will by default have no access to any agenda item. Thus, a guest has no access to any part of a meeting unless access is specifically granted.

The meeting administrator needs to select one or more agenda sections to give a guest access to. Only then will a guest have access to view items that appear under the agenda section access has been granted to.

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