Attendance & Tracking Stats

Track board pack opening and reading stats. 

As Many Votes As Required

BoardCloud supports voting by agenda section in any board pack. There can be as many vote questions as required for each meeting.

At present, the vote is run as a single Yes/No question and answer. The respondents required to vote can be anyone from the current committee member list. Respondents can be individually selected to allow voting by a subset of a committee.

BoardCloud Voting Process

A vote consists of:

  • the question or issue that will be voted on by a committee
  • the committee members who are to be included in the vote
  • the time-window when the vote is opened
  • the outcome of the vote once it is closed

The process of setting up the vote and managing the vote-open window is normally managed by the meeting administrator.

Once a vote has been concluded the results will show in the meeting administrator (or editor's) meeting. It will look similar to the image below (which has not yet been voted on):

Vote Stats sample

See also Help: Setting Up a Vote