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Board Pack Revisions

Republishing Board Packs

Why get stressed by last-minute changes to your board papers.

Simply add, edit and adjust and re-publish! BoardCloud will handle the chores of creating a version history and of letting committee members know about the new pack.

The Beauty of Revisions

Each time a board pack is published by the company secretary or a meeting admin, a new revision is created. This is equivalent to a new version with a sequential version number and date-time stamp.

Each published revision is saved against a record of revisions for the specific board pack. Once a revision is saved it can be reviewed before being published.

A published revision can be shared with the the committee(s) associated with the document.

Agenda revisions

Distributing Minutes

As can be seen from the above image of revision history, it is quick to distribute meeting minutes to the relevant committee.

Minutes can be distributed either as an addendum to the original meeting pack or else as a simple pack composed only of the meeting minutes.