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MS-Office, PDFs, Images

Drag and Drop Multiple File Formats

Talented Document Handling

BoardCloud Supported File Formats

MS-Office & PDFs

Our agenda builder supports importing of the major MS-Office document formats and PDF documents. In the case of PDF documents BoardCloud's agenda builder and document viewer allows for the display in a board pack of a single selected page as well as a range of pages from an imported PDF. It also can surface internal bookmarks from an imported PDF, into the final board pack's index.

ZIP File Imports Supported

BoardCloud has been designed to import data compressed files in the ZIP format.

The name zip was suggested by a friend of Phil Katz one of the original developers because of the speed at which files were compressed into an archive. ZIP is built-in to the Windows operating system as 'Compressed (zipped) folders'.

An imported compressed ZIP file is unpacked and inserted into an Agenda with a structure that mirrors the original folder structure that was originally compressed. All file formats supported by BoardCloud are imported as per the original folder hierarchy. Unsupported formats are ignored.

Image Formats

Various image formats are supported for import. 

These include TIFF, JPG, PNG.

Text & Rich Text Documents

Standard text files and RTF files are supported as well.

Other Supported Formats include:


MS Excel Microsoft Word documents
MS Excel Microsoft Exel documents
MS Powerpoint Microsoft PowerPoint documents