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Attendance & Tracking Stats

Track board pack opening and reading stats. 

Meeting Attendance Register

Meeting attendance is tracked in two ways by our board meeting system. First, all meeting access is silently logged in the background. This allows for an automated view of meeting attendance as well as a view of pre-meeting preparation.

Meeting Attendance Sign-in

Once a meeting is opened, attendees are presented with an attendance confirmation button. They can then register their attendance with a confirmation click. Alternatively, the meeting convener can mark and individual member absent or present.

Attendance Register

When a meeting is open, member attendance will reflect automatically as each member signs in. All members will see a screen that is similar to the image below. The display below updates in real-time.

Attendance at the meeting in real-time

When an official attendance register is required, one can be produced as required.

BoardCloud will automatically produce a detailed attendance register, which will look similar to the image below.

Board meeting attendance register