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BoardCloud Features Roadmap 2021

BoardCloud Feature Releases September - October 2021

Below is a list of major features added to BoardCloud by our developers during the September/October 2021 timeframe. Many other small fixes were made that are not listed here.

Minute Builder

Dynamic minute builder

  • Import minutes outline from agenda (or craft you own minutes)
  • Tasks created in agenda added to minutes
    • Assigned to members
    • Due dates
  • Resolutions auto converted from carried motions (votes)
  • Published minutes alert email
  • Minutes can be published with meeting agenda or separately

Calendar Integration

Automatically send an invite to each board or committee member when publishing a meeting.

  • Invites show in most calendars or can be saved into calendars from the meeting email
  • Calendar events include:
    • Links to open meeting
    • Meeting details

Improved In-App Support

Improved access to support for users while working on BoardCloud.

Two additional support options added to:

  • Schedule in-person training from inside BoardCloud
    • Calendly integration to book training in your time-zone
  • Chat window to talk to support when available or else email support for quick answers

Upcoming BoardCloud Developments for 2021

November – December

BoardCloud App

We will be releasing an app for BoardCloud, targeted at board members. The app will be available on the Apple IOS and Android platforms and will be downloadable from each of their app stores.

The BoardCloud app is expected to allow:

  • Messaging alerts
  • Offline browsing of meeting materials

AMS – Active Meeting Surface

Converting the meeting in progress to a more interactive user experience:

  • Where messages relating to specific sections of the meeting agenda can be exchanged between members
  • Voting results can be surfaced in real-time

Expanded Reports

Expanded reports functionality that will include the reports below.

Reports can be extracted by date range, committee and where applicable, committee member.

  • Meeting stats report
  • Attendance report
  • Voting and resolutions