Create Your Agenda

Adding an Agenda in BoardCloud

It is super easy to create your agenda in BoardCloud. All you need is to grasp a few concepts and then you can fly on your own.

To get started, add an agenda section: 

  1. Add and name a section
  2. Upload files into you new section

Here is a quick video walk through that shows you how to add a section and then browse for and add a document. 

Upload an agenda document

You can add as many sections as you need, with each section having as many documents  or sub-items (see below) as you need. 

Agenda Files

Each agenda section can hold as many files as required. Uploaded files can be in a number of formats including MS-Word, MS-EXCEL, PowerPoint and PDF: Read More

It is also possible to upload multiple files at the same time by selecting additional files from the open file window.

Selecting multiple files at once for upload

Uploading Templates

A BoardCloud template file can simply constricted by zipping (compressing) the root of a folder structure that has been pre-prepared with a sub-folder structure that represents the final agenda layout. Any supporting documents can then be added to their appropriate sub-folders.

To upload the .zip template file, simply browse for it as described above and the structure of the zipped folder and its contents will be loaded into the agenda.

To view a clip of this process:

Click Here 

Drag and move sections and documents using the 'handles' on the left of the section or document.

Agenda-Sub Items

Agenda sub-items can be added to as many levels as required.

To add an agenda-sub item, click on the bold three vertical dots (kebab) on the far right of the agenda item. This will open the Agenda Section Options navigation pop-up. 

Then click on the Add Section option to add a new section below the current agenda section.

Add unlimited agenda sub-sections

As can be seen from the above clip, the document MattersArising appears under the first agenda sub-section. This can be dragged to sit directly under the mail agenda item if required.