Setting Up A Vote

BoardCloud supports voting by agenda section in any board pack. There can be as many vote questions as required for each meeting.

Voting is implemented as a single question, which is then answered in Yes/No fashion.

Voters can be anyone from the current committee member list and are selected individually.

Voting Per Section

When in edit mode, the three dot (Kebab) icon is clicked on a section an dialog box will appear that has an Add Vote option.

Setting up a BoardCloud vote - part 1

Clicking on Add Vote will add a vote item to the current agenda section. The question prompt will be highlighted, waiting for the question to be typed in.

Add vote question

Once a suitable question has been typed in, there will be three options (available via the three-dot kebab icon on the right).

Vote options in BoardCloud meetings

The Open Close option is used by the meeting administrator to open and close the vote. This means that voting is closed by default and is open only for a short window, when required during a meeting.

Members who are required for the vote, can be set using the Manage Users option, which allows any number of committee members to be added to the vote for each specific item.

Voting in Action

Below is a vote section, viewed in a meeting being edited.

Vote stats graph