Publish Meeting

Publishing Board Meeting Concepts

In BoardCloud the concept of 'publishing' a meeting refers to the moment after the agenda has been approved and the company secretary needs to:

  • Notify board or committee members of the upcoming meeting
  • Schedule the meeting date and time in the members calendars
  • Distribute links to the board or meeting pack
  • Distribute minutes after the meeting is closed

In BoardCloud all the above can be accomplished by using the Publish Wizard. 

Board Pack Publish Options

After clicking on the publish option in Meeting Control (or the cogs at the top right of a meeting page), the wizard will appear and will look like the mage below:

Board Meeting Publish Wizard

The wizard has two main pathways:

  • Build a board packet
  • Publish the meeting or once the meeting is over, publish the meeting minutes

Building Packs & Minutes

The build options available using the wizard are to build:

  • The board pack
  • The meeting minutes

Both build tasks assume that the relevant content has been prepared.

Builds can be done and redone any number of times until the document is approved and/or perfect. Read more about Pack Revisions:
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Once the board pack revision is ready for distribution, the Publish pathway of the wizard can be used.

Publishing Board Packs

Clicking on the Publish Meeting and Minutes option of the wizard opens the Publish wizard below. It is used to publish both meetings and minutes and look similar to the image below:

Publish Pack or Minutes Wizard

Distribute Pack and Publish Meeting

This option will send the latest revision of the pack to the meeting attendees and at the same time set the meeting status to published.

Clicking on this option will bring up a warning notice to confirm that the system should send invite emails to the meeting's invitees/

Note: Meeting attendees who have unconfirmed emails, will NOT be notified. This is for security reasons and is designed to prevent sensitive information contained in the packs being sent to unverified mailboxes.

About the Meeting Published Status

A meeting that is not published cannot be viewed by meeting members until the meeting has been published. Members see the agenda only once a meeting has 'published' status. This means that meeting editors can work on building a meeting agenda in complete privacy.

Publish state should not be confused with meeting status, which relates to the meeting cycle of: Draft, Open and Closed. Read more about meeting status:
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Unpublishing a Meeting

Sometimes, a meeting can be published by mistake or an error can be found in an already published meeting. These kinds of errors can be mitigated by unpublishing the meeting, then correcting any errors and republishing the meeting again. 

Unpublishing a meeting will have the effect of denying any invitees access to the agenda contents until the meeting is republished.

In order to unpublish a meeting, open the Cogs Meeting Control navigation in the top right corner of the meeting page. When opened for a published meeting the following meeting control options are displayed (as in the image below). 

Meeting Control Menu

Clicking the Agenda Published option (highlighted above in yellow) will untick the blue published checkbox. This will unpublish the meeting.

The meeting can be republished at any time, by clicking this option again.