Onboarding Admins and Board Pack Editors

Preparing to Use BoardCloud for Admins and Editors

These items are typically discussed during the initial meeting between a new BoardCloud customer and our implementation team.

Customer representatives must include the company secretary(s) and anyone involved with the building of board packs or scheduling and or holding of board or committee meetings. In addition, it is worthwhile to include members of the customer’s IT team, specifically those involved with security, access control and email infrastructure.

Initial Requirements

  • List of committees
  • List of committee members
  • Company logo in high resolution
  • Example of any existing meeting cover pages

Email Preparation

The sending of emails from BoardCloud as the company secretary is a crucial factor in the success of onboarding board and committee members.

In order for emails to be sent successfully, a domain verification process is required. This process requires for three small additions to the domain of the customer DNS. At present we make use of the SMTP2GO transactional email service to ensure reliable and trackable delivery of emails sent from BoardCloud.

The DNS records that SMTP2GO needs to be added to the domain DNS to ensure the most reliable mail delivery look similar to this:

DNS Records for domain verification

It is vital that these records are added and verified before the member onboarding process begins.

Additional (Optional) Requirements

Some BoardCloud customers prefer to load historical board packets and committee documents. We are happy to assist with the loading of historical packs supplies as PDFs, which are then added to the relevant committee/boards as past meetings.

You can read more about using SMTP2GO in an article that is focused on online stores but is functionally just as relevant to board portals in our case: Click Here