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Securing Board Book Documents

Secure Board Company Information

BoardCloud is more than a file management solution for your board books. Our software is designed to store your information in a specially secure format. We have worked hard to ensure that high-security is one of the core features of BoardCloud. When we built BoardCloud it had to be simple to use and highly secure, so we have ensured that the high security level does not impact on the ease of use of the system, providing the best of both worlds.

These are the two ways BoardCloud ensures the security of your company's sensitive information even when distributing the Board Packs:

Enterprise Data Security

All documents and communications to and from BoardCloud are secured by 2048-bit TLS (SSL) using AES256 encryption.

You can even choose to host your own BoardCloud server inside your company to find out more click here.

Document Security

All BoardCloud documents are stored using a specialized secure folder system. To find out more about the security we use click here


BoardCloud saved my life. This app is awesome. Thanks!

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