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Document Security

Information Security is Key

Secure access to your highly confidential company information is of paramount importance. Because of this, BoardCloud makes use of the secure system folder system that is built into the DotNetNuke Content Management System's framework. This system applies deeper security to the documents that it manages and does not work in the same way as normal document handling.

Secure File System

All BoardCloud documents are stored within the "Secure File System" folder.

Files in this location are not stored with their original file names and instead are given unintelligible system names. These files still retain their logical positions within the content structure but they cannot be browsed either externally or internally. This means that even a system administrator with access to the BoardCloud server, will not be able to identify and read specific documents.

This method also prevents an authenticated user from guessing files names and attempting to open them.

No Sharing of Documents Links

Users of the web are accustomed to sharing documents by copying and pasting links and then sending these links via email or other electronic means. BoardCloud's secure file system prevents this kind of link sharing. The system will restrict file viewing to a known list of users who have been given access to each specific document. All unauthorised access attempts will be blocked.


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