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BoardCloud Features

Efficiently Create and Distribute Board Packs 

Easy Board Pack Creation

  • Browse and select multiple PDFs for your pack
  • Select complete PDFs or only the pages you want 
  • Once uploaded the PDF document name can be edited
  • Automatically creates a table of contents based on the PDF file name
  • The PDFs can be moved around within table of contents as required
  • Add your company branded cover page
  • Publish the completed board pack

Board Pack Security

  • Packs are only visible to specific group members after they have securely logged in
  • Documents are stored in a high-level security environment
  • There is a built-in automatic Activity-log so all activities are tracked
  • Access to each document is logged and tracked 

Board Pack Branding

  • Board documents are branded with your company’s corporate identity
  • Branded Covering Page with Corporate Identity, any text can be added and will automatically be centred.

Board Pack Archiving

  • Older documents can be archived from libraries on a scheduled basis, reducing clutter
  • Archiving schedules can be set based on statutory document archiving requirements

BoardCloud is Affordable

  • Unlimited directors and users
  • Unlimited groups and committees
  • No usage limits
  • Unlimited documents can be stored

BoardCloud saved my life. This app is awesome. Thanks!

Syncrony Digital

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