Cost Savings

Less Paper, Lower Costs

Its obvious that by digitizing the board pack, there will be significant 'green effects' as a result of reducing the use of paper and processing chemicals.

Estimated Cost Savings of e-Board Packs

Lets take the simplest case. A board of ten members who meet once a month and have a board pack that averages 100 pages.

This translates to 1000-pages per month or 12,000 pages a year.

Or R20 000* per year.

Even if your actual printing costs are lower, its difficult to see how its possible to go below R17 000* per committee (per year) as a rough estimate of projected paper saving costs from a board portal.

Other Less Obvious Cost Savings:

  • Production Labour Costs - this includes not only the time saved photocopying the original document but also the production time to arrange the printouts, cover and bind
  • Compilation Labour Costs - this includes the time saved buy working on purely digital documents as well as the time spent composing the board pack itself


*The cost estimate is based on a per copy price of R2* per printed page.