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Board Packs - Creation and Distribution

Stop wasting time preparing board packs!

Paper-based board-packs equal:

  • Piles of paper
  • Hours of sorting
  • Typing and re-typing of contents
  • printing and then reprinting and then reprinting again
  • Files and Files full of paper
  • Hours trying to find reference to something in an archived pack

All of this and they are used only once. BoardCloud has the solution!  

What is BoardCloud 

A Paperless Board Portal, that offers board pack creation and electronic distribution along with high security. BoardCloud eliminates all the traditional board pack headaches by:

  • Saving tons of time
  • Saving money
  • Saving reams of paper
  • Saving the environment
  • Saving your Sanity

How does BoardCloud achieve this? 

  • It’s electronic and can be viewed and edited on any PC or Mobile device
  • It's Extremely simple to use
  • It will save you tons of hours of frustration
  • It's simple to distribute
  • Is secure and can be read only by those who are granted access
  • Archived securely
  • Is really affordable

Read more about the features that will turn your board pack nightmare into a sweet dream click here

Who Needs BoardCloud 

Any company or organization that needs to streamline the compilation and distribution of documents prior to board meetings. Want it? Contact Us, for a Demo.


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