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Board Meeting Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Board Meeting Terms and Phrases

The traditions and governance related to company boards and board meetings has its lexicon. We hope that our glossary of board related terms and acronyms will help newcomers with short, simple and understandable explanations.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below and we will be glad to assist.


The meeting agenda is an outline of the topics for discussion at an upcoming meeting of the board of directors or for any meeting.

The agenda is shared with meeting attendees, ideally some time ahead of a planned meeting. This allows meeting members to have time to digest any supporting documents or to do research and thinking before the meeting

The meeting agenda can simply list topics for discussion in chronological order. More detailed agenda’s can include more details about the members selected to present a topic as well as time allocations for the item under discussion.


A motion is a question/suggestion/proposal that is tabled for members of the board to discuss or debate. A motion can be voted on by a show of hands (verbal) or by written responses.

In some organisations, a motion needs to be seconded before it can be tabled.

Motions are carried when approved by a simple majority.


A resolution is a motion that has been carried (passed) by the board of directors of a company at a properly convened board meeting.

A resolution is legally binding on the directors.