BoardCloud Features

Agenda Builder

Get your hands on the most easy to use agenda builder in the world. Find out how easy it becomes to gather and collate documents ahead of meetings of the board of directors and committees.

Our super-modern agenda builder is packed with features designed to reduce the effort of building meeting agendas.

Meeting Management

Deliver state-of-the-art meetings that return true value for your organisation. BoardCloud gives you access to a range of meeting management tools that simplify meeting preparation, scheduling and holding of meetings. Our powerful pre-meeting engagement analytics drive member participation. And our built-in form and survey maker lets you keep records of crucial documents such as Directors Interests and board member evaluations.

BoardCloud Unlimited and Packed with Features

It is designed to optimize the scheduling and management of meetings in a secure collaborative environment.

Built on 2023 Microsoft Enterprise software, it is designed from the ground up for enhanced usability and security. BoardCloud will deliver the fastest, most secure software-as-a-service board management system available today.

Taking into account our reasonable pricing and unlimited licensing model, it is BoardCloud represents the best value proposition for your company and your board.

Why pay the staggering costs demanded by the major players in the board management software market?

Meeting Page

Full page view of meeting agenda page

Three Quick Reasons

BoardCloud is the lowest-priced enterprise-level board software in the world. We do not charge a per-user license fee, all versions offer unlimited users and committees.

Save your company time and money by avoiding overpriced board pack software. BoardCloud offers an extensive board portal experience at a fraction of the price.

We've been diligent and done our research.
See for yourself and read our board pack competitive pricing review.

We believe that BoardCloud is the most modern Board Portal in the world.

BoardCloud is built on the latest Microsoft technology (.Net Core 7 released in November 2022). This allows us to tap into a rich software platform that supports all kinds of devices, from laptops to smartphones and is also optimised for remote work.

Competing board portals are at a significant disadvantage, having to develop on ageing infrastructure. Which allows them little leeway for innovation. And it leaves them on the horns of a dilemma, having to choose between struggling on with increasingly uncompetitive software or making a massive capital and time investment in a new system.

BoardCloud is constantly evolving. One feature that makes BoardCloud uniquely effective is Active Agenda.

Our new agenda surface presents a real-time synchronised view of the meeting for all attendees.

This allows for truly connected meetings.

And before the meetings commence, our active meeting surface allows for collaborative meeting building. Two or more board secretaries can work together on the same meeting. Directors and meeting attendees can be allocated agenda sections to work on, all at the same time.

A meeting agenda can be built in seconds. Our drag-and-drop agenda builder is intuitive and easy to use. It imports Microsoft Office docs, PDF’s and images as well as meeting templates that can generate a complex agenda outline in seconds.

Agenda Collaboration

Active Agenda allows you to create an agenda in real-time. Because of this, you don't need to worry about wasting time collaborating back and forth through emails, because it is updated instantly on your very own board portal

Meeting Publishing

A meeting can be published in seconds, sharing links to the meeting and scheduling dates in directors’ calendars. The stress of publishing a perfect agenda becomes a thing of the past because changes can be made up to or even during a meeting.

BoardCloud: Promotes Excellent Corporate Governance

By streamlining the board meeting process, board portals can help improve corporate governance by increasing transparency, enhancing collaboration and improving security of sensitive board information.

Board portals  also contribute to reduced costs associated with physical meetings, such as printing board packs as well as travel expenses and courier fees.

BoardCloud is packed with features that promote sound governance and effective board meetings.

BoardCloud is tailor-made for remote and hybrid meetings.

We've replaced bloated board portals, which produce monolithic PDF board packs with a flexible interactive meeting surface. BoardCloud provides real-time updates, voting and much more.

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Fully encrypted, secure system
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