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Board Management Features

Comprehensive board pack and board governance features.

BoardCloud Main Features

Active AgendaReal time meeting surface
Drag ‘n Drop Agenda BuilderReads most document types
Collaborative Agenda BuilderGroup build your agenda
Meeting Engagement StatsWho’s prepared for the meeting?
Auto Attendance RegisterReal time attendance
Vote on MotionsVote progress & outcomes
Auto Minutes OutlineImport and distribute minutes
Super SecurityMilitary grade AES encryption
Works on all DevicesNo app download required
In-meeting ChatCollaborate before & during meetings

Why BoardCloud? Three Quick Reasons

1. Experience

BoardCloud has been developed over six years, incorporating our board portal experience, the experience of our customers, and a unique set of features exclusive to our board pack ecosystem.

2. Super Competitive Pricing

BoardCloud is the lowest-priced enterprise-level board software in the world. We do not charge a per-user license fee, all versions offer unlimited users and committees.

Save your company time and money by avoiding overpriced board pack software. BoardCloud offers an extensive board portal experience at a fraction of the price.

We've been diligent and done our research.
See for yourself and read our board pack competitive pricing review.

3. New Technology

BoardCloud is built on the latest Microsoft technology (.Net Core 6 released in 2021). This allows us to tap into infrastructure that supports remote work functionality.

Where competing products are built on ageing infrastructure with little innovation, BoardCloud is constantly evolving. One feature that makes BoardCloud uniquely effective is Active Agenda.

It’s Also About Active Agenda

Our new agenda surface presents a unified live view of the meeting to all attendees.

A meeting agenda can be built in seconds. Our drag-and-drop agenda builder is intuitive and easy to use. It imports Microsoft Office docs, PDF’s and images as well as meeting templates that can generate a complex agenda outline in seconds.

Agenda Collaboration

Active Agenda allows you to create an agenda in real-time. Because of this, you don't need to worry about wasting time collaborating back and forth through emails, because it is updated instantly on your very own board portal

Meeting Publishing

A meeting can be published in seconds, sharing links to the meeting and scheduling dates in directors’ calendars. The stress of publishing a perfect agenda becomes a thing of the past because changes can be made up to or even during a meeting.

A Board Pack that Promotes Excellent Corporate Governance

A business is only as good as the decisions it makes. BoardCloud is packed with features that promote sound governance and effective board meetings.

BoardCloud is tailor-made for remote and hybrid meetings.
We've replaced bloated board portals, which produce monolithic PDF board packs with a flexible interactive meeting surface. BoardCloud provides real-time updates, voting and so much more.

More BoardCloud Board Pack Features

  • Meeting Scheduling

  • Meeting Governance
  • Committee Management

  • Document Signing
  • Board Member engagement

  • Archiving of old Board Packs
  • Fully encrypted, secure system

  • Self-hosted or Cloud-hosted option