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BoardCloud Features

Compile documents

Compile Packs

BoardCloud makes compiling complex board packs quick and easy.

Notify directors board books are ready

Notify Directors

Give your directors ample time to review their documents. 

Compliance of Fiduciary Duties

Monitor Compliance

See which directors have opened and signed their board packs.

Compile with BoardCloud

Compile Board Packets

Easy Board Pack Creation

Why waste time compiling paper based board-packs when BoardCloud can quickly produce a branded PDF board book containing your board documents?

Board books can be made up of a number of merged PDF documents, which are compiled into a final board ready document without any of the traditional headaches.

It is simple for the company secretary to:

  • Browse and select multiple PDFs for your pack
  • Select complete PDFs or only the required page(s)
  • Order the documents (or specific pages from selected documents)
  • Rename the PDF to more board friendly names
  • Automatically create a table of contents
  • Add a company branded cover page
  • Optionally attach the meeting agenda
  • Publish the completed board pack to pre-defined groups
Distribute and Notify Directors using BoardCloud

Distribution and Archiving

Distribute Board Pack

  • Share board packs with selected distribution groups
  • Distribute via the App with notifications
  • Notify users via email that will contain secure links to the packs which are hosted on the board portal
  • Monitor compliance via the board portal console

Board Pack Archiving

  • Older documents can be archived from libraries on a scheduled basis, reducing clutter
  • Archiving schedules can be set based on statutory document archiving requirements
Monitor changes to boardpacks using BoardCloud

Whos Read Their Board Pack?

Directors can either view board documents via the board portal (secure web access) or via the BoardCloud app.

Document access is tracked can be monitored by the system administrator.

Selected documents can be tagged for signature. This will require directors to electronically sign these documents. The portal will then monitor which directors have signed the documents.