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Board Portal Competitive Costs

Pricing Comparison - Board Portals

Board Portal Vendor Per User/Year Unlimited Users/Year
Diligent Boardbooks R 10,500.00  
BoardEffect R 7,900.00  
Azeus Convene R 4,000.00  
BoardCloud   R 19,999.00

(Pricing based on GBP conversion @ approx. ZAR 21.00 to £ 1. Original British pounds costs are stated below.)

In real terms, BoardCloud will give you the freedom of having unlimited users and committees, while for the SAME PRICE, you can have:

  • 2 Diligent users
  • 3 BoardEffect users
  • 5 Convene users

And yes, it is likely that these competitors have some extra features, but it is also likely that these features will see little to no use.

 Board Software - Spoiled for Choice

As many board portals are available to choose from. Although as many as 20 contenders exist, only a few board management software companies stand out. 

Among these are companies like Diligent, Convene, BoardEffect, Passageways. Others who market versions of Board Portals that may differ in various aspects of functionality. However, all these systems offer could based systems that enable a board of directors to securely access meeting documents, with tools for collaboration between board members.

BoardCloud is arguably the most modern board portal on the market today.

It is built on Microsoft DotNet 6 Core technology, which was officially released in Nov 2021, our system leverages the the latest technology stack from Microsoft.


R 19,999 (£ 999 per) year for unlimited users This cloud hosted version, includes support and training. There is also a self-hosted on-prem or private cloud Enterprise version. (See full pricing)

Diligent Board Portal: Governance Cloud

R 10,500 (£ 500) per user per year (Directors/Executives/Administrators) 


R 7,900 (£ 375)  per user per year (Directors/Executives/Administrators)

Board Portal

R 2,200 (£100) per user per year (after 10 users)

Azeus Convene

R 4,000 (£190) per user per year (discounts apply after 50-users) 

Pricing source - Gov.UK Digital Marketplace. A search for Board Portal software was conducted. Pricing was correct at time of publishing.