BoardCloud Features Roadmap 2022

New BoardCloud Features

June - September 2022

Below is a list of major features added to BoardCloud by our developers during the June - September 2022 timeframe. In addition to the features listed below, a raft of small fixes has been made that are not listed here.

A clean and visual year-calendar system has been added to the Meeting Dashboard landing page. The calendar is visible to all logged-in users. It displays all meetings past and present, to which the logged-in user has been invited to.

Meetings appearing on the calendar are clickable and link to the meeting directly.

RSVP System

Our meeting attendance RSVP feature has been fully implemented.

Once a meeting has been published, all invitees will be presented with the RSVP screen below when logging in to a meeting.

Meeting RSVP screen

A small RSVP graph is visible as part of the meeting Details pane, it shows an overview of all responses. Clicking on this graph will open a detailed RSVP report that can be printed or exported if required.

An easy-to-use agenda review system has been added to all meetings. This system makes use of a designated ‘Reviewer’ role, which can be added to any user via the Member Admin screen.

The company secretary or meeting convener can send reviewers a notification email. The email with a Draft Meeting to Review message has links to the document and the agenda. Comments will shortly be able to be added by reviewers directly onto the agenda surface using our soon to be released Discussion function.

Enhanced Minutes

The BoardCloud minutes system has seen some significant enhancements, which include:

  • Import of an external minutes document
  • Improved attendance register
  • Motions and vote outcomes
  • Enhanced minutes distribution

A new automated function allows for meeting packs to be automatically pushed to a connected SharePoint location each time a meeting pack is built.

Packs are saved under folders named for each committee.

Thai Language Support

This version of BoardCloud is the start of our multilingual drive, which kicks off support with the Thai language. (This is to support our recent expansion into Thailand, with a partner in Bangkok.)

Upcoming Features (Available Jan 2023)

  • Forms
  • Discussions
  • Enhanced Document Signature Process
  • Zoom integration