Board Portal

Board Portal Technology

A board portal is designed to provide for:

  • building of board meeting agendas by one or more company secretaries
  • scheduling of board meetings, member invitations, RSVPs
  • attendance registers
  • distribution of board packs and meeting documents, when required
  • tabling of motions (votes) and their outcomes
  • a management system for committees, committee members and their associated access privileges
  • a system for committee members to review meeting agendas and prepare for meetings
  • meeting preparation statistics
  • collation and distribution of meeting minutes and tasks related to in-meeting decisions
  • a governance structure that helps to implement, control and report on compliance and access to board documents
  • a secure platform for sensitive board document storage and communications between board members

Definition of a Board Portal

A board portal is an internet accessible software platform, providing secure central access for company board members to meeting agendas and documents, facilitating agenda building, meeting scheduling and collaboration between directors and company management teams.

The modern board portal provides an active meeting surface for company directors to interact with in real-time. It is no longer a glorified distributor of agendas converted into monolithic PDF documents, with the attendant security risks and lack of accountability of emailed PDF attachments.

This outdated method delivers the document and nothing further. The board using the email method loses out on multiple levels, which include:

  • visibility of document receipt and review
  • secure access to the sensitive information contained in the packs
  • access to the board pack from multiple devices
  • collaboration and information exchange
  • meeting preparation metrics

Having a live meeting agenda surface that reflects changes to any part of the agenda to all meeting attendees in real-time has become a crucial aspect of a board portal's functionality. Since even the most efficient board secretary will at some stage distribute a board pack that requires amendment after its been sent.

The BoardCloud board portal allows even in-meeting agenda or document changes that update for all directors simultaneously.