BoardCloud Full Feature List 2023

All BoardCloud Features in One Big List

Meeting Management

Agenda Creation

  • - Production of professional meeting agendas and minutes
  • Drag and drop agenda creation
  • Immediate visualisation of board pack progress
  • Collation of meeting documents
  • Multi-level agenda sections

Document Handling

  • Upload of large documents
  • Import Microsoft Office (MS-Word, EXEL, PowerPoint) documents
  • Import PDF, image, text and .MSG files
  • Creation of new documents directly from the agenda
  • Secure document repository for storing and sharing board-related documents
  • Version control and document revision history

Meeting Scheduling & Notifications

  • Easy creation and management of meeting schedules
  • Efficient dissemination of packs and meeting invites
  • Integration with popular calendar applications
  • Invite integration into board members calendars

Board Pack Generation

  • Lightening quick generation of meeting packs on demand
  • Full versioning and history

Minute Creation and Management

  • Minute taking during or after meetings
  • Minute distribution and versioning
  • Task system integrated into minutes
  • Lists attendance with an attendance register
  • Lists carried motions

Board Pack Review Process

  • Packs and minutes can be sent to selected members for review

Document Signatures

  • Approve documents using e-signature


  • Private annotations and editing of documents and packs
  • Shared annotations for reviewers or packs and minutes
  • Allows for text comments, highlighting and drawing

Voting & Resolutions

  • Creation and distribution of resolutions for voting

Meeting Chat

  • Each meeting has its own chat
  • Members can chat before, during and after meetings
  • Chat history is saved permanently

Forms and Surveys

  • User-friendly forms and survey creation
  • Many types of forms and surveys
  • Long-term history of completed forms, such as Directors Interests and Evaluations

Meeting Analytics

  • Full analytics of member engagement
  • Page views
  • Time of page

Guest Members

  • Simple guest invites
  • Guests only see agenda section they are invited to

Full Text Search of Packs and Minutes

  • Google like search functionality for past and present packs

Meeting Resources

  • Store any number of supporting documents for any meeting
  • Link YouTube videos

Collaboration Tools

  • Real-time shared meeting surface
  • Shared review of board packs and minutes
  • Real-time voting and decision tracking


  • SharePoint integration for published packs and minutes
  • Zoom integration for created meetings
  • Teams integration for created meetings

Year Calendar

  • Calendar for past, present and upcoming events
  • Events shown based on committee membership

Committee Management

  • Unlimited committees
  • Pack covers per committee
  • Committee resources, can include documents and video material


  • Role-based access control
  • Secure accessibility from any location
  • All documents are AES military grade encrypted
  • Remote locking of member accounts
  • No source documents are stored on our servers
  • Customizable permissions for data access
  • Full, detailed audit trails

Reports (include the below)

  • Attendance Register
  • Member Activity
  • Document Views by Member
  • Meeting Engagement
  • Boards and Committees Register
  • Resolutions Register
  • Meeting Logs
  • System Audit Log Logs

Platform Support

  • Support for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Works on Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox and Safari
  • Does not use mobile apps to enable quick and easy member onboarding

New Customer Onboarding Services

  • Full onboarding of members and committees
  • Loading of pack and minute history


  • End user and administrator training.


  • Office hours
  • 7 by 24 emergency support