Frequently Asked Questions


All BoardCloud versions, with the exception of the 10-User license version have unlimited user seats.

This means that there can be unlimited administrator, editor and board member users in the Standard and the Enterprise version.

BoardCloud is licensed yearly or monthly.

In general, most larger customers prefer to pay for their Enterprise License on a yearly basis, which includes unlimited users, training as required and full support.

Our cloud hosted customers can pay monthly or yearly, whichever suits them best.

There are two paid BoardCloud versions available:

  • Standard which is cloud hosted
  • Enterprise which allows for on-premise hosting

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The cloud-hosted Standard license provides a fully functional board meeting management system for unlimited users.

Enterprise also includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • Implementation support
  • Training (unlimited)
  • Support (unlimited, email or e-meeting)

Note: The Enterprise version has the same features as the Standard version except that it does not offer the ability to host the system in your data-centre.

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Our Enterprise license provides a fully functional board meeting management system that allows for self-hosted installations.

Enterprise includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • On-premise installation
  • Implementation consultation
  • Training (unlimited)
  • Support (unlimited, email or e-meeting)

Note: The Standard version has ALL the features above except for op-premise installation.

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Nonprofit organisations


We are committed to providing a minimum of a 50% discount off our normal pricing for Non-Profit Organizations. This gives not-for-profit organizations access to fully functional board meeting management software, with full support and training at a massively reduced price.

All non-profit licenses include:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited admins
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited ad-hoc training for single users, directors and group training

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Support and Service


BoardCloud is fully supported. No matter which version you use, you will have access to support for technical, user related or any other issues.

There is however, a tiered service offering for BoardCloud customers, depending on the package you are on.


We offer email support for trial version customers. This provides best effort service levels, with an average response time of next-business-day.

There is also a paid-for emergency service available for critical issues. This option should not be required under normal circumstances.

We offer email and/or e-meeting support for Standard and Enterprise customers. This provides for a response no later than next-business-day for normal support tickets. Emergency requests are responded to within 6-hours on weekdays and within 12-hours over weekends and holidays. There are no costs for emergency support for these versions.


All data stored on your company's version of BoardCloud belongs to you. We assert no ownership on your data.

In fact, your data will be AES encrypted as it is uploaded and your files cannot be read or interpreted by anyone who gains access to the physical data.


Your data belongs to you or your organization exclusively. A logged-in user can access and download any board documents allowed for his/her role and permissions.

If you for whatever reason, require a full backup of all your stored documents, we offer a service that will provide a full backup on request.


We employ an array of sensors and security mechanisms that are designed to protect your data and monitor for intrusions. Our staff monitor and respond to alerts on a 7 by 24 basis.

When (or if) our systems detect an alert condition, we react accordingly and we will inform you or your IT staff as soon as possible.


Syncrony Digital has been in operation for over 20-years, during this time, we have never shared any customer information with any party.

We will never share data with anyone. Nor will we use any of your data for any purposes whatsoever.

Security & Privacy

We value your data and its security and will never share any part of you data with any party. In the two decades we have been in business, we have never had a privacy or security breach.

We are pretty paranoid about security! Which is a natural response to the shenanigans we have been exposed to during our 20-years of hosting Microsoft and LINUX systems on the open internet.

We believe that no system is 100% secure and we act accordingly by constantly monitoring for security breaches and by constantly upgrading and testing our security measures.

We have a two pronged approach to protection of our customer's valuable data.

First we employ the best possible measures to prevent and detect security breaches or attacks.

Second, we ensure that all data is backed up and stored off-site so that in the event of a disaster, we are covered.

Service Quality and Service Levels


Service changes will be rare and we will do everything in our power to avoid service changes that will affect you. If however, such a change is unavoidable, we will be sure to inform you as far ahead in time as is practical.

We strive for 100% uptime.

Your BoardCloud software and data will be housed in a cloud that is run from a state-of-the-art data centre.

All your data is backed up on a 7 by 24, once daily cycle. Backups are encrypted (again, because your individual files are encrypted). Backup sets are moved off site on a weekly basis, to provide a geographically isolated second set.

Additional Document Storage


In some cases, extra disk space can be required, even though our  standard disk space allocations are sufficient for most customers.

We do not actively prevent disk space overflow from the standard limits for either Standard or Free versions. Growth is allowed automatically to prevent any data loss.

We will inform you at month end if your instance is over limit.

Additional disk space once allocated will be charged at $1/GB per month (or part of a month).


We have cloud hosts at Xneelo South Africa, Microsoft Azure (U.K and Europe) as well as Google Cloud (USA and others).

All requests are logged and issued with ticket numbers. We have a dedicated Help Desk Administrator who is available during business hours (GMT +2). There is also a 7 by 24 after hours service for emergencies or calls from outside time zones.


We do daily backups of all files to local storage. Then archival data is uploaded to an offsite cloud platform once a week.

All files are AES encrypted. You can read more about AES-256 
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