Meeting Metrics

Meeting Metrics Dashboard

BoardCloud has a novel feature that allows for the tracking of director preparation and pre-meeting engagement, via two simple to understand metrics. The most important of these is our groundbreaking meeting engagement index ranks individual pre-meeting preparation by director.

The image below shows some of the summary information available from our meeting stats dashboard.

Board meeting metrics dashboard 

The individual summaries for RSVP/Attendance, Engagement, Document Reads as shown on every meeting page.

Drill Down Meeting Metrics

Each of the above graphs can be clicked on to view detailed reports relating to each area.

For example the Meeting Engagement drill down looks like this:

Member engagement stats BoardCloud

As can be seen from the above detail, users Alice and Howard have not opened their board packs at all. While the top three members listed have had various degrees of interaction with the board pack documents.

In practice the old adage 'What gets measured, gets done' may well apply here and can lead to better meetings as members arrive better prepared.

Watch our Meeting Stats Explained video on YouTube:

Meeting Metrics

Properly interpreted meeting analytics can inform the executive as to:

  • which members are coming to the meeting prepared for meaningful discussion
  • which members often don't prepare and prefer to 'wing it' during important meetings
  • which kinds of meeting documents add value to the agenda
  • which agenda documents don't often get read or are ignored by board members

BoardCloud's meeting metrics can positively influence the quality of meeting agendas and make for a better informed management team.

Our Meeting Engagement Metric

We provide a meeting engagement 'number' that is intended to rank meeting engagement by individual members for a given meeting. This gives a clear indication of the quality of engagement per meeting by each attendee.

Read more detail about how we developed this gauge. 'What gets measured gets done!'

Pre-Meeting Engagement Report

BoardCloud automatically assembles a report of member engagement ahead of scheduled meetings. This report provides a summary of the documents included in the meeting pack and the number of reads per document for each meeting invitee.

Below is a sample of this report for our fictional board:

Pre-Meeting Engagement Reprt