Member Profile

Profile Page

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Our BoardCloud Profile Page is designed to keep all your member's information structured in a simple manner.

During the initial onboarding of a new member,  only basic information about a member is required. However, to showcase their professional status member's can add profile images as well as a fully featured bio to their profiles.

In addition, a board member can:

  • Change password
  • Reset password
  • Upload a custom profile picture
  • About section

Non-Executives Term Period

From a board governance point of view, BoardCloud also keeps directors start and end of term of appointment dates. This allows for a quick review of the remaining period for any director, as well as a directors term report.

Additional Director Information

Certain of the additional information can be of use when there is a need to locate director skills and work information. This includes the name of the company and the work skills of each director.