System Roles

BoardCloud Member Roles

BoardCloud makes use of a few named roles to implement security for meetings, committees and documents.

There is also the possibility of creating additional roles over and above the existing roles detailed below. Please email support if you have this requirement.

These roles are:

  • Guest
  • Member
  • Administrator
  • Group Editor

Guest Users

A guest user is an extremal meeting participant, who has been invited to a specific meeting. A guest will have access to a single assigned section in the meeting agenda.

Guest users have no access to Committees or any other part of the system other than the standard user profile page.

It is recommended that guest users are deactivated (from Member Management) after the meeting they have been invited to, has closed.

Member (the Default Role)

As a user is created on the system, the user is granted the 'Member' role. A Member has access to all meetings that fall under committee(s) the member is assigned to. A Member cannot create or edit meeting content. 

Once a member is created he/she can be added to as many committees as required.

To create a new member, click the Create New Member button at the top left top left of the Manage Members screen and complete the member details form.

NB: When creating users, there is no need to assign a standard member any additional roles.

Administrator Role

The Administrator role allows a user full system access.

This means that an Administrator can:

  • create new members
  • update or delete existing members
  • create committees
  • update or delete committees
  • create meetings for any committee
  • perform any meeting function for all committees

Group Editor Role

This role is designed to allow a committee member the privilege of adding and creating agendas for meetings of a committee that they are members of.

A group editor can edit any meetings that fall under committees he/she belongs to. However, a group editor does not have access to any admin functions. This means that when a committee member needs to be added or removed, the group editor has to request this from an administrator.