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Agenda Builder

The simplest, most powerful agenda builder. Period.

The Best Agenda Builder Available

Building an agenda is the first step in the board meeting process.

Ours looks deceptively simple. A feat which has taken great time and effort to achieve. As a result, company secretaries 'get it' quickly, making training sessions short and sweet. This allows them to build complex board packets in the shortest possible time.

Our Agenda Builder allows you to:

  • Drag and drop file management
  • Create board books from any number of PDF documents, Microsoft Word, EXCEL or PowerPoint documents

  • Compile a board ready document with a full Table of Contents and hyperlinks

  • Add voting requirements to multiple sections in the pack

  • Add a custom, company branded cover page

  • Publish the completed board pack and invite committees

More Info About BoardCloud Features

Use the navigation on the right to learn more about the functionality that BoardCloud has to simplify and speed-up each step in the process.

There is also a section about the creation of revisions, which are bound to occur no matter how thorough the preparation process. BoardCloud creates and names revisions sequentially, leaving a clear historical trail. Naturally, all committee members are notified of a revision release.

Below is a graphic depicting the agenda creation process.

The Agenda Build Process

Building a Board Meeting Agenda