Forms and Surveys

Enterprise Form Builder

BoardCloud features a browser-based enterprise level form builder, which is based on Orbeon Forms (

This gives BoardCloud the ability to create large multipage forms with complex validations and rules. And of course, small surveys and quick polls can also be handled with ease.

Once developed, a form can be distributed by BoardCloud in two ways:

  • A form can be included as part of a meeting agenda to be completed by selected attendees
  • Forms can be distributed to selected members by email outside of meeting structures

Completed forms are stored in forms database and will accumulate historical data over years.

Completed forms can be saved as PDFs when further dissemination of results are required (for example, when including form responses as part of an audit process.

From Director Assessments to Surveys

BoardCloud features a browser-based enterprise level form builder, based on Orbeon Forms (

Directors Interests Declaration

Let's start with by far the most common form in our system, the declaration of interests. We provide a standard directors interest form for all BoardCloud users who have the Forms Option. 

This form can be adjusted to suit your requirements if necessary. 

Additional Form Creator Features

  • Repeating fields cater for form responses that can produce one-to-many responses (for example, directors’ interests that can have a varying number of responses for each director)
  • Tables (which can be combined with repeating fields)
  • Multi-page forms
  • Field level encryption
  • Complex data entry validation
  • Branching logic based on user input
  • PDF templates can be used to populate forms

Example Form: Declaration of Directors Interests

You can try out an example form: Click Here

This is our standard Directors Declaration of Interests form, which can be modified as required for your company use.  Though it is a simple one-page form, it includes a multi-row table, which allows for any number of interest declarations per director. There is also a signature box for directors to sign.

Also, click below to see a view of a complex registration form that showcase's some of Orbeon's major form building features. 

Click Here

Forms Built on International Standards

The core of BoardCloud’s forms an XForms engine, which use a standard method of describing forms created in the systems. This means that any BoardCloud form is transferable and readable by any XForms compliant system. Which makes your forms and your data portable and not trapped in a proprietary format. (Wikipedia: XForms Standard 1.1)