Rich Committee Features

Committee Functionality 2024

BoardCloud supports an unlimited number of committees.

Each committee can have its own:

  • Member list
  • Reusable cover page
  • Upcoming meetings schedule
  • Past meeting history
  • Committee library 
  • Membership register

Major Committee Functionality

Committee Member List

The member listing shows a list of committee members as well as additional information relating to individual members.

Additional information includes:

  • Board designation description (if this information has been entered)
  • Email address (and confirmation status)
  • Additional roles assigned to the member

Cover Page Features

BoardCloud offers a range of cover page functionality aimed at speeding up meeting management and easing the work load of company secretaries. 

Available features include:

  • Reusable cover pages, which allow for a single cover page template to be used for all meetings See
    Cover Page Overlays
  • Individual cover pages when required at a meeting level

Committee Meetings

Upcoming meetings as well as a history of past meetings can be easily accessed from the committee page.

There is also a prominent link to the committee's next meeting, which allows quick access for committee members.

Committee Resources

Each committee has a 'library' of resources which are directly related to the committee.  This resource library provides a central repository of committee resources for easy access by committee members.

Resources are viewed using the BoardCloud built-in viewer.
For more info: Committee Library

Membership Register

It is common for boards to have governance requirements, that mandate the maintenance of membership register. This register details  members added or removed from the board and committees.

To meet governance requirements, BoardCloud automatically maintains a running audit of your membership changes. 

For more info: Membership Register