Committee Membership Register

Committee Register Governance

Committees are central to the running of organisations like companies and non-profits. Like any corporate structure, committees evolve over time, as members are added and removed.  

In terms of board governance, some committees have to be constituted with a specific mix of non-executive members. In addition, most Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) often have a clearly defined term of duty, with specified start and end dates. This adds to the continuous change associated with committees.

BoardCloud tracks committee members as they are added or removed from committees. It uses a special data mechanism to track these moves, called Temporal Tracking.  In simple terms, temporal data is information that is connected to specific points in time, helping us understand how changes occur in a timeline.

BoardCloud Committee Registers

BoardCloud automatically, tracks the movement of a committee members over the lifespan of its committees.

Below is a BoardCloud Committee Register view.

Major Committee Functionality

Legal Requirements for Committee Governance

While there may not be a universal legal requirement applicable to all corporations worldwide, specific jurisdictions and corporate governance frameworks often mandate the maintenance of accurate records regarding changes in board and committee memberships over time.

Companies are required to keep accurate and up-to-date records of their board members, including details such as names, positions, dates of appointment, and when applicable, dates of resignation or removal. These records are important for transparency, accountability, and compliance with legal standards.