Paperless Board Meeting Software

Eliminating Paper

Systems for producing PDF based board packs have been in use for many years. But these static monolithic textbook sized documents have hardly been easy reading for board directors. Also. packaging so high-value payload of company information in an electronic form, and then emailing it beyond the corporate security umbrella, poses significant governance and other risks.

Board meetings have steadily become more engaging by making the meeting agenda more interactive. Moving away from PDF packs, enhances security and delivers an interactive in-meeting experience for board members. (Read an in-depth look at the demise of the board packet: Click here)

Board portal software makes PDF based meetings seem old-fashioned as the functionality increases, for example:

  • Agenda Compilation
  • Board Packet Distribution
  • Active Agenda real-time meeting surface
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Accountability and Governance

Paperless Benefits

Over and above the process improvements that result from digitising the board meeting process, a number of practical use improvements will be realized by the board and committee members.

These include:

  • Hyperlinked board papers, allowing faster, deeper and more complete access to information for board members
  • In board-pack search functionality allows quick access to related information, instead of laborious and time-consuming rummaging through files and piles
  • Added value of links to audio and video resources that can be included during the agenda building process, providing content the meaningfully enhances the user experience for board members

Other functionality enhancements of digital board packs:

  • Last Minute Changes
  • Anytime Access
  • Collaboration