Meeting Chat

Chat in Your Meetings

BoardCloud now has an integrated meeting chat, which allows meeting attendees to chat and communicate in a familiar WhatsApp like window.

Our chat system is available to meeting members as soon as the meeting is created. All chats are recorded and saved against the meeting record.

Below is an example of a meeting in progress with the chat window on the right, highlighted in yellow.

Meeting Chat in action

Benefits of In-Meeting Chat

We believe that by including an in-meeting chat function BoardCloud  significantly enhances communication and collaboration during meetings. Benefits include:

Real-time Collaboration: Board meetings often involve complex discussions and decision-making processes. A chat function allows board members to exchange thoughts, ideas, and clarifications in real-time, facilitating more productive discussions and enabling swift decision-making.

Enhanced Participation: Some members might be hesitant to speak up during meetings due to various reasons such as time constraints or personality traits. A chat function provides them with an alternative platform to contribute their insights, questions, and suggestions, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered.

Documentation and Record-keeping: The chat function serves as a valuable tool for documenting meeting discussions, decisions, and action items. It provides a written record of the conversation, making it easier for members to refer back to specific points and ensuring clarity and accountability.

Reduced Interruptions: In traditional meetings, interruptions can disrupt the flow of discussions. With a chat function, board members can raise pertinent questions or comments without interrupting the speaker, maintaining the meeting's momentum and focus.