Board Pack Password Protection

Securing Board Packs 

BoardCloud allows for the password protection of board packets as an option. This will enable an organisation to be almost certain that a PDF board pack that came to be in unfriendly hands, will not be openable by any reasonably competent hacker. (Read why below)

There are two password options available, Document Password protection and Functionality Password protection.

Password protect PDF document

Document Password Protection

If filled in, will require the entry of a password in order to read a board packet.

You can read more about setting up a document password: Click Here

Document Functionality Security

The entry of a functionality password will prevent (among others) editing or copying of document content.

Below is a view of the specific options available:

Disabling PDF document functionality

The image below shows a document that has its functionality password set and then opened in the BoardCloud PDF viewer.

PDFviewer no editing

Note that the edit bar which normally sits below the navigation bar is missing. Also, the hand cursor will be enabled in place of the normal selection tool.

You can read more about removing board pack functionality: Click Here