Meeting Management Tools

Productive meetings don’t just happen, they result from preparation, planning and modern in-meeting tools that reduce in-meeting disruptions.

Time spent preparing for a meeting, adds up to reducing meeting times and BoardCloud puts the tools for planning and scheduling in your hands.

To reduce in-meeting admin and time wasting, BoardCloud offers sophisticated resolution, voting and document signing.  

BoardCloud Helps You to Deliver State-of-the-Art Meetings

BoardCloud handles all aspects of meeting preparation. It will help your organisation to optimize meeting outcomes in areas including:

  • Preparation & Scheduling
    • Calendar meeting invites when meetings are published
    • RSVP's
    • Attendance registers
  • Pre-meeting preparation metrics
  • Video conferencing integration
  • Member Preparation Metrics
  • Communication
  • Management

The longer the meeting, the less is accomplished.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO)