Resolution Approvals and Votes

Board Resolutions

BoardCloud supports resolution voting for any item on the meeting agenda. (Note: BoardCloud considers the terms Vote and Resolution to be interchangeable) 

Resolutions/votes can be quickly setup to include all or a selected group of meeting attendees. Voting is structured as a single Yes/No question and answer pair. All or a selection of meeting members can be added to each vote.

Live Voting

Once a vote has been setup, it will appear in the meeting agenda but will remain inactive until opened by the meeting convener. Attending members will be altered as a vote is opened or closed. Members votes automatically update on all attendees screens. The messages about voting will look similar to the image below:

Resolution Voting Closed

Open Vote

Once a vote has been set up, it can be opened at any time by the meeting administrator.

The vote outcome will update automatically as each member votes. 
There is also functionality for the meeting administrator to vote on behalf of any selected member. When this happens the vote will be logged under the member's with a note to highlight that the administrator made the vote on the member's behalf.

Votes/resolutions that are passed are reflected in the Meeting Minutes document that BoardCloud draws up. 

BoardCloud Voting Process

A vote consists of:

  • the question or issue that will be voted on by a committee
  • the committee members who are to be included in the vote
  • the time-window when the vote is opened
  • the outcome of the vote once it is closed

The process of setting up the vote and managing the vote-open window is normally managed by the meeting administrator.

Once a vote has been concluded the results will show in the meeting administrator (or editor's) meeting. It will look similar to the image below (which has not yet been voted on):

See also Help: Setting Up a Vote