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Board Portal for Company Secretaries

Always striving to publish agendas on time but interruptions and last-minute changes make it impossible? Our super agenda builder will save you every time.

Multi-talented Agenda Builder Functionality

There are many functions and capabilities built into our board platform, aimed at making the life of company secretaries and meeting administrators easier.

These include:

And on top of these quick-to-learn functions, there is a board document viewer that board members will easily find their way around. Our viewer allows users to start simple, with superb document reading functions and then to go deeper and edit or annotate board documents. 

You can read more about each of these capabilities by clicking on the relevant link above.

All documents into one meeting

The Functions of a Company Secretary

The role of a company secretary bears only passing resemblance to the traditional idea of a 'secretary'. 

In fact, the role can be defined in legal terms, with administrational secretarial duties and boundaries. 

You can read more about the secretarial role: Click Here