Gmail Meeting Invites Not Being Added to Google Calendar

This help article applies only to Google Mail and Google Calendar.

Under normal circumstances when Meeting Notification emails are sent, they arrive in a board member’s mailbox with an invitation to the meeting as an attachment.  This attachment is an iCal file, which carries information to create a calendar event.

A successfully received notification email looks like this when opened in the recipient’s mailbox:

Note that the calendar entry appears at the top of the email.

If this code not happen and there a calendar event does not appear, this means that the event will NOT be added to the recipient’s calendar.

Diagnosing this problem can sometimes be tricky.

Some crucial checks:

  • Is there an attachment?

There has to be an attachment in order for the event information to be loaded.

If there is no attachment, consider the possibility of the attachment being blocked by a mail firewall.

  • The mail must be addressed to the email recipient! This seems obvious but Google will not open an event that is not directly addressed to the recipient. If the email is part of a cc list, Google will not load the event.
  • There are rules Google applies before extracting, you can read them here, which I strongly recommend. Please scroll down to the Troubleshooting Section.