Active Agenda

Live Board Meeting Agenda

Our Active Agenda live meeting surface responds in real-time to in-meeting updates. This means that all meeting attendees share a single, synchronised meeting screen.

In times of virtual meetings, this kind of real-time interactivity helps to bind meeting attendees together.

Any agenda updates, document changes, votes and notes are reflected on all attendees screens simultaneously. This allows for a 'connected' meeting no matter where individual meeting members are connected from.

And at the same time an Active Agenda removes the need for a physical board pack. (We do provide an option to publish or print a physical board meeting pack if required)

Board Packs are Dead

For the past decade or more board packs have been monopolised by the PDF.

While in more recent times, as virtual has become an ever widening reality, systems have been forced to evolve to present meeting agendas that are based around the PDF. As a result most current board meeting software is designed around an agenda outline that has links to supporting documents, along with some additional dialogues for voting and document signing.

How Active Agenda Works

Say for example a meeting has started and members begin to sign in. The attendance register will reflect the presence of attending members as they click ‘Attending’.

Then the chairman notices a missing document under an agenda item. He uses the meeting chat to ask the company secretary to add the document. From her meeting view, she browses her laptop for the document and uploads it. Seconds later all members agenda’s update to show the new document.

Other actions that update on all members agendas include:

  • Live voting open and close
  • Real-time results as designated voters’ vote
  • Agenda item notes update in real-time
  • Document changes update in real-time