Cover Page Manager

Versatile Board Cover Page Management

BoardCloud uses a brilliant system to manage its board pack cover pages, which gives company secretaries complete flexibility when building packs.

Different cover pages can be applied by committee or by meeting. This is achieved by our cover page template system.

Below is the Cover Page Manager, which is used to select a cover page and to apply various settings to the page, which include: text position, text size and color.

Cover page management tool

Board packets can use:

  • The default system cover page
  • A default Committee cover page
  • Or a custom cover page for a specific meeting

Cover pages act as templates, which have a design over which a specific meeting’s details are inked. For example, the page below is for a committee:

Committee Cover Page

Finally, below is our cover page sample as it appears when a board packet is published for a meeting.

A published cover page sample