Board Meeting Agenda Discussions

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with Instant Messengers (IM) like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and WeChat.

Thus, it came as no surprise when some of our BoardCloud customers asked us to develop a similar messenger type feature to allow for targeted discussions for items on a meeting agenda.

As a result, we proudly introduced Discussions into our Version 3.0 release in January 2023.

Agenda Discussion Features

A unique discussion can be added to any agenda section of a meeting.

Then it can be dragged and dropped against any item in that section, which opens up an IM like chat for that particular agenda item. Meeting attendees can be assigned to the discussion as required.

Once invited to a discussion, a member can read and post to the discussion.

Discussion Communications

When a discussion is created, an email is sent to all discussion members, welcoming them to the new topic. From then onwards, members are emailed when posts are made to any discussion they have been invited to. This encourages lively discussions between members.

Discussions are designed to be used as an integral part of the pre-meeting preparation phase, as well as during meetings. The image below shows a discussion that has been setup to discuss an agenda item relating to yearly budgeting.

Meeting Messenger

Below is a sample of an active discussion about a Matters Arising document.

Here it shows that two of the meeting members are in the discussion: